Flaming Fist Rising - Null Sec Indy and PvP

Flaming Fist Rising - NULL SEC Industry | PVP | Fleets | Explo & More
10 Mil Minimum Skill Points

We need all roles, from combat pilots to miners and industrialists!

Flaming Fist Rising was formed in 2013 and has been kicking ass in Null ever since!

We Are primarily USTZ and most members are active between 23:00 to 05:00 EVE Time.

The War Effort requires many skill-sets. We will need industry & combat pilots. We can find a role for you to play, everyone plays their part.

Who we are
✦ Solo / Small Gang PVP
✦ Large Scale Fleet PVP With Coalition (Go To WAR)
✦ Ship Replacement Program (For Corp and Alliance Ops)
✦ Manufacturing & Industry Structures
✦ Upgraded Asteroid Belts & Combat Sites (Thanks to Nullsec ADMs)
✦ Corporation & Alliance Logistics (Jump Freighter Services)

What we offer
✦ Opportunity For Corporation Leadership Roles (FC etc)
✦ Moon mining - Massive profits!
✦ Ore Buyback Program

In-game Recruitment Channel : Flaming Fist Rising Public

Primary recruiter: Tenchi375
If no one is in the channel, send me or Octavian Nero Gaius an EVE Mail.

Apply Today

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