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Anti-Ganking Fleet Advert

Fleet runs from : Friday through Sunday every week.
Where: Amarr, Eudama, Niarja, Jita and other locations

Come join the fun every weekend in our anti-ganking fleets as we make life difficult for the High Sec gankers.

Looking to learn the basics of PvP that include: ECM Warfare, Missile Warfare, Hybrid Warfare, Projectile Warfare and Laser Warfare? Then join our fleet.

Are you looking to get kill mails on your killboard while not becoming a FR (Flashy Red -10) then join our weekend roam fleets and come get some.

Come learn how to bump a ship off of its Citadel tether as well.

Not only will you learn the basics of training that you need in PvP you will also enjoy salvaging and looting the wrecks of the ganker ships to make some ISK at the same time.

Ship to bring:

ECM - Frigate to Cruiser
Medium Range DPS - Destroyer to Cruiser
Remote Repair - Cruiser + drones
Citadel Bumper - Speed tanked Battle Cruiser
Fast Aligning Loot Ship

Contact: Draugr Bennington or Culdaris Kahn in game for more details.


Best of luck to you!


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