Fleets, PVP, Mining, Industry we do everything, and loads of it!

Hi there, and thanks for dropping into my recruitment thread.

I will keep this short and sweat. We do everything in eve. We are part of TNT / Imperium. Hence the “everything”.

What is so great about your corp?

Nothing super amazing, not going to overhype us and say we are the next best thing in eve. We are a group of eve players, that enjoy all aspect of the game and enjoy catering those interests together.

Being part of the imperium also comes with its perks, endless fleets ( if you want that ), mining fleets, capital fighting, blops, ratting, the list goes on… If the corp isn’t doing it, the alliance might, and the Imperium certainly will be…

Please scour over our website, it will summarise very quickly what you can expect being with us, and what we expect of you.


Kind Regards


Bump :slight_smile:

bump :slight_smile:


We want new recruits!


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