Fly With The D.A. Tight Knit, Up and Coming Corp

Dystopian Angels

What we offer:

  • Free New Bro Ships

  • Constant PvP Operations

  • Experienced Fleet Commanders and All Time Zone activity

  • Industrialists for your PvE and Indy needs

  • Wormhole Diving for your Exploration itch

  • Rich systems and lucrative income methods

What we’re looking for:

  • Weekly Active Players

  • New Bro’s or Veterans Welcome

  • Alpha and Omega are accepted

  • Willingness to Learn and Show Initiative

  • Social Corp and regular activity via Discord | Teamspeak and Mumble

  • Training Provided for Anything, just ask, we’re close-knit and on the smaller side

About Us:

We’re a small close - knit Corporation that’s based on a care free, but group aligned mindset, meaning we’ll have goals we all want to achieve, and help one another get them, we understand IRL can be a dick sometimes, so if things happen, let us know in advance if you can, if not, leave a DM.

What to expect when you join:

  • Camaraderie is an absolute must, please also bring dark humor and drinks.

  • Focused on achieving more, PvP and Industry geared

  • We’re part of the CLDEX Alliance, currently lowsec and highsec based, aiming for Null.

  • Prefer Small Gang with the crew over large sized fleet fights

  • Hentai??

  • Mixed ages 16 - 60yrs old players, male and female

Our Zkill: Dystopian Angels | Corporation | zKillboard (we’re still learning)

We’re still recruiting weekly active players

Recruitment is still open

Recruitment is still open, and we’re still pew pew’g things

Awesome Corp, great guys, come fly with us!

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