FOB hunters?

Any groups or corps who hunt FOBs?
As far as I understand it, you can have 40 pilots on grid, all of them get 29m ISK once the base explodes.
Sounds like a fun activity for high sec carebears.

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You can make more isk/hr mowing the lawn.


A whole 29m? Each?

I’m down.

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What is fun about sitting on a structure that you shoot for x minutes and can’t do anything else, especially not shoot the NPCs, because that would trigger respawns, potentially very bad respawns.

there’s many groups that do , easy to find using zkill .

i watched one group take one down ; they had 5 damage dealers and near a dozen new players fleeted and sitting on the grid edge . some were in-corp , some day-old npc-corp players in free frig / ventures .

so , while fun or profitable is subjective , no doubt this is a good team-building , recruiting , or just welcome to eve activity for those newer players .


There is a person who uses an ikursa to run solo grustras FOBs. Insanely expensive, takes a decked out implant set, and requires all V skills.

Out of all of that it still takes like 1hr approx to kill ONE fob.

Us older players chuckle at it… Some newer players enjoy the first experiences but eventually realize it’s just killing 1 station to get a pitful amount of ISK that literally running lv 4s would net more ISK.

FOBs just disappoint me in general. However, I wanted to see how bad the response fleet would be say… someone took 30 marauders + BS logi into a FOB :thinking: Would probably be something insane by the diamond NPCs lol


All the haters here are hatin’ cuz they are the ones who have been FOB bashing and they don’t want the filthy lucre to be exposed.

All the grass I mow is free.

Would lawn mowing be considered PVE??

Yes, But make sure you have your HOA Mowing Permit updated…

–Gadget ignores hers

Personally I know someone that destroys FOB’s for me (annoyances that they are) solo.

I pay him 1B for each one so it’s definitely worth their while.


It’s fun and relaxing to sit and pew-pew something that doesn’t even move to make some ISKies while being tabbed out and catching an episode of your favorite show on Netflix. Isn’t that what gaming is all about?

Could you tell us what does that mean FOB?

Forward Operations Base?

/Cause I am no longer a miner and need a new path to follow.


Google is your friend…

Hopefully this will answer all your questions…


I am very interested in joining a group, I can supply my own ships and even follow instructions so send evemail or invite when you want to fleet.

/fyi I don’t need the isk I just need something to do as a group in New Eden.

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