Focused Amarr pilot, clean history, 4 remaps - 24,2m, born in 2010, good name

Focused Amarr pilot with very short corp history (3151 days in one corp).
Born in 2010.
Yearly remap + 3 bonus remaps - 4 remaps in total which is great base for furure training.

24,2M skill points.

Pass: pewpew

Clean killboard

Excellent starter to marauder, dread, T3C, titan pilot or recon.

Excellent gunnery skills.

Amarr Battleship V
Amarr Battlecruiser V
Amarr Cruiser V
Amarr Frigate V
Amarr Industrial V
Heavy Assault Cruisers V

PLEX transfer.
Possitive wallet.
NPC corp.
No kill rights.

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let’s get you started, 16 bil

Thanks for offer but I’m looking more than that.

Excellent starter for end game pve/pvp.

daily bump

18 Bill

Thanks for offer but Im looking for more. IMO focused pilot, with 4 remaps, quite good name and clean history is worth more.

How much are you looking for?