For a short time, this newb sat upon a throne of books in Jita

(Quantus Sumerian) #1

And it was glorious. I ruled the Leadership book market for a few short days and I made a newbs fortune in that short span of time.

Kind of like Jeff Bezos selling books out of his garage. :books:

The days were good, and the sun shone brightly upon my small little piece of the pie. :sun_with_face:

But then along came the soulless evil greedy Ali Baba Express bots :cn: :robot: to push the little noob out of the market.
For a brief time, for a short glorious brief time, I sat upon a throne of leadership books…and it was good.

Now I am addicted to skill injectors and can’t get my fix. :syringe: :syringe: :syringe:

Scratches arms

If you can, toss me your empty skill injectors so I can scrape out the resin and crush it up on the dash of my Hurricane.

(system) #2

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