For what is regular khumaak used?

i sfound some khumaak , but for what is this used ?

anybody know ?

Its passive use is for offending Amarrians. Its active use is for killing Amarrians and inciting slaves to rebel in the Amarrian Empire.

It’s also great for causing unsuspecting, uninformed, or otherwise unintelligent capsuleers to have a negative wallet balance, but that’s just an uninteresting footnote.


thats what my pod’s air freshener is made of

As far I’m aware the in-game item is for flavour only, but I’ve mostly forgotten what I knew of missions so maybe there’s some use there.

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Some years ago, you’d get lp in faction warfare for killing players of the opposing faction. The payout was based on the value of the kill.
So with a little market manipulation, players were killing their own alts whose cargohold was stuffed with items with artificially inflated prices.
This made some folk obscene amounts of lp and isk.
One of the items used in these shenanigans was Khumak.
This mechanic has since been removed, for obvious reasons.


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