Forgot To Repair [FO2RE] - WH Corp C4 (C2/C3 Statics) - Open to New & Returning Players!

FO2RE is currently recruiting Miners, Haulers, Industrialists, PvP-ers, PvE-ers and Explorers for our WH corp !

We are based in a C4 with 2 statics (C2 and C3), providing lots of content, and as usual, if we’re not happy with it, we just roll it and start afresh !

We are a small but very organized group of Explorers, PvP-ers and Industrials players wanting to expand and teach new and returning players how to become effective and be part of the team.

What we offer

  • A Buyback Program for whatever activity you practice (90% Jita Buy)
  • Mentoring for new players
  • No tax
  • Pathfinder & bookmarks for easy navigation and sharing
  • Daily Wormhole Operations (Mining/Gas, Combat sites, Data/Relic sites, Hole security, etc.)
  • Access to Reactions and T3 Modules !

Requirements, if we can call them that :slight_smile:

  • No SP requirement
  • Ready to learn
  • Be a team player

Apply in-game by searching “Forgot To Repair” or join our Discord !

Just a chill bump ! We still have a few slots for friends !


We transitioned to full WH Life ! We now live in a C4 with a C2 and a C3 statics, providing plenty of content !

We just anchored our second station for Reactions and some T3, and still looking for some more mates !

2 or 3 more players would put us in a really good space, regardless of the timezone ! So if you want to give it a try, float around !

Weekly bump, we’re still looking for adventurers !

Let’s say it’s a bi-monthly bump now :smiley: