Forst Insertion [GIVIT] Recruiting Dedicated PvPers

 So, we are looking for pilots who are interested in pvp.

We do high-sec wars, low-sec gate camps, low-sec roams, and we have assets in Pochven.
We are new player friendly, but it’s recommended that you can fly Tempests at the minimum.
I do not turn down lower skilled pilots, but at the absolute least, you should be able to fly a T1 fitted arty rupture.
We love experienced players, but it should be known that we can take unexperienced players, or players who are discouraged by loss, and teach them to be victorious.
Our public recruitment channel is called “Bully Bar” in game.
Come chat with us, see what we are about.
Fly with us, and feel the thrill of kicking over someones sand castle.

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