[forum] can't login and post on this forum


The issue persists on my macbook running latest version of Chrome with java script, cookies, etc enabled. Tried incognito mode, logging out - didn’t work.

Description of the issue:
I visit the forum and i see “log in” button at the top of the page
I click on it and i am prompted to enter my details, which i do
Then i am prompted to select my character, which i do and press "confirm"
I am redirected to the original page, no errors or any indications of a problem, except i am still not logged in - i see “log in” button in the top bar.

Alternatively when browsing of a specific topic:
I am seeing “log in” button in top bar hinting i am not logged in
I can press “reply” and instead of asking me for password i get straight to character selection.
I select the character and get redirected to the topic page. I still can’t reply.

Any ideas?

p.s. i am writing this from another computer

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