Found a corp thank you

Hello, i am looking for a corp with a wide range of activities as i myself am kind of a jack of all trades got to try them all mindset player and with a friendly atmosphere, i love gatecamping in evenings while chatting and consuming unhealthy amounts of beer. Or simply running missions/running around in wh space if theres no one online.

My current plans - set myself up back in HS(till i catch up with all the changes/or train a pvp worthy alt if i decide to leave this one for mission running), try out industry/mining[crazy no?], get my station trading alts up and running[currently in progress might be up when you read this], find a friendly corp, insert corp activities here[rivers of beer included]. And then sleep maybe…

About me:

  • Age - 25
  • Country - Lithuania
  • Languages - ENG/LT
  • Loves sharing love using antimatter <3

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