Found a home already

I have found a home. I thought I had updated this earlier. Thank you all for the contacts.

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We’re a US/AU TZ null sec PvP group that specializes in BLOPs and capitals (our killboard). Shoot me a mail if you’re interested, join our in-game channel Scotch Delivery, or join our discord. Hope to hear from you soon!


Eve mailed you in game bud.

Hope to speak to you soon.


Hey @Wraymond_Arji ,

Come check out Mostly Sober we specialize in bitter vets. Take a look to what we have to offer and let us know. We would love check you out. Based on your bio you would be a perfect fit Check out the standard big post below and see some of the stuff we have to offer.

Mostly Sober is an experienced group of pilots that has expertise in all aspects of EVE but with a focus on PVP. We are led by the outlaw himself, MrChuckNorris, One of the best/most chill FC/Alliance leads in the game. We are Alliance members of The Bastard Cartel, who specialize in quality over quantity and are currently operating in the content rich regions of Tenerifis, Catch, Curse, & Immensea

Fly Safe…Fly Dangerous…Fly Sober…Well Mostly Sober

TBC/ Phoenix Fed & GWCS Bait C02 Avatar and Wyvern

Recent Fights:

Corp Killboard

What We Offer:

Active and inviting Community/Discord/Mumble for engagement, questions, and asshatery

Experienced FC’s and Content Generating Members

Ability to Grow as a Pilot and get Better at the game

NullSec space for lucrative ratting/Ore & Ice Mining/Baiting

Small/Medium Gang Warfare in our strong USTZ & EUTZ

Black Ops Fleets - BLOPS

Alliance Fleet Ops 50+ with lots of small gang optys

Capital Fleets

Doctrine Ships on Contract

Excellent Logistic Backbone

Propaganda Competitions

What We Are Looking For:

Players looking to Learn and Grow/Enhance their PVP experience

Team Players - Mostly Sober is a collective effort

Experienced Content Creating Personas

PVP/Indy/Logistics/Capital Pilots

15m Skill Points

No Alpha Clones

Working Microphone

Relocate and Stage in Home System

A Carefree Attitude

Adaptable, Willing To Train Into Fleet Doctrines

Current/Former Military

Dank Soundboards

Come chat in our public channel MS-Recruitment in-game to

learn more and apply in game and here:

Mostly Sober Application Form

We offer all Aspects of Null life , Mature corp where RL comes first, yet we get ■■■■ done

Hey buddy, Take a look at us. Black Omega Security has a long history of being where the action is and being one of the oldest still active corps we have been everywhere(Goonswarm/Pandemic Legion/Co2)

I promise you will not regret taking a look

o7 give us a shout! We are a USTZ PVP corp within TRI who loves shooting people. Pretty Laid back with the right amount of TRI-hard to get stuff done. [0.0] [PVP] Malleus Caelum of TRI is recruiting!

Hey there, we might be of interest to you

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