Foxtrot Corp - New player friendly 0% tax

Foxtrot Corp is a new corporation founded with the intention to escape the oppressive 11% NPC corp tax. We have no rules or requirements for membership. Tired of trying corp after corp in an attempt to find a good fit? Tired of joining a corp and feeling like just another number and a source of income for them? Tired of joining a corp just to find out now you’ve been marked for death due to some war you have nothing to do with? Join us - we are not war eligible, we love to chat in game and on our discord and we won’t ever require your time or isk for the corporation.

Join up with us and hang around for a little while or a long time. We have no expectations. Feel free to join in the Discord and chat with us. o7


Hi there

If you ever get interested in joining an alliance please make sure to read our recruitment post below

I think your corp would be a good fit for our ranks


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