New corp ?!?

HI Looking to start a new corp.
I need a few people to start with me, Im looking for 9 other pilots to become directors.
Tax rate will be 0%
open to anyone, will be focused on making isk for Alpha players so they can become omega
however it would be nice to have some experienced players help out as well.

I’m UK based, so It wold be nice to get few more from the uk and rest from around the world.

If anyone is interested shout on here.

All the best

Hi Xionmo,

we started our small Corp a few weeks ago with 6 People who all are very experienced, more than half of them comming back after a long break, most of them are FCs. We are based at UK timezone as well and are still looking for people who are interested to engage in building something from groud up and play a role in corp-history.

Right now we are living in a C2 Wormhole with Static High and Static C3, so opportunities for Mining, Producing, PVPing etc. are plenty. An Allied Corp lives in the WH with us as well so our low numbers are no detriment.

If you like to have a small chat feel free to contact me ingame: Hermundure

Be safe!

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Greetings, I started a corp just like you some time ago,( we are now well settled). So joining you is not an option, but if you seek guidance, y welcome to join our comms, we can share some ideas with you. Or even more who knows.

I also have a small Corp ( Aus Based ) with only a couple of friends. Would your WH be open for another tiny Corp to move in? ( Aus Time Zone ). I have been looking for something like this as I am more of a Nomad and love the idea of setting up a Home within C1’C2. Ty C1C4D4

Cicada and Safira, I noticed you both are small corps and I was wondering if you’d like to join a small null-sec alliance. We are filled with veterans and have lots of experience. We do lots of small gang and small fleet fights and are looking to grow and expand daily. If either of you are interested you should PM me on discord at Jeevz#0335

Same with you Xionmo, if you’d like to join an awesome small corp

Hey Mate’ TY for the offer, much appreciated but my Corp is already in a Nullsec Alliance, just looking for a WH change. Tnx again Jeevzyboy.

Hi Cicada, I think this would probably be something which we can talk about, please Mail me In-Game (Name: Hermundure) if I did not manage to contact you this evening online and we will find a possibility to meet.

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