Frame Rate drops to zero when typing an EVE Mail

Sometimes when I’m typing up a mail, the client locks up completely. Each keystroke seems to rob the client of frames, and then a few seconds after I stop typing it all catches up.

Really, really annoying.

I’m running Version 1356219 on Windows 10. Normally runs with settings on the Quality preset at about 90-110 fps.

I tried in both windowed mode (how I normally play) and fullscreen and had the same issue.

same, I was typing a long mail, and sometimes the game was frozen for 1 min.Very annoying to correct the many errors I made.

Pretty sure that’s a feature.

Happens on Macs too. I type things up in another app then Copy/Paste. Not happy about it, but this has been an issue for me as long as I can remember.

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