Free Agency-PvP Pilots needed!

The Free Agency is looking for a few good pilots. PvP driven and focused. the main goal of this corperation is to have fun blowing up other people’s spaceships.

Who’s you ask? Lowlife corporations that abuse their membership. The Yokai Incident is unforgiveable, and we shall endevor to not only liberate newbrows from such existance, but guide them on to better places, or teach them ourselves.

Above all,we want to have fun, Blow stuff up, and make friends in space.

We have the beginnings of a logistic chain and plenty of targets to choose from.

Striving to build a fun community to crusade with. :smiley:


Brand new corp? Yes. I’m trying my hand at this aspect of the game. Come help me purge the unclean from New Eden!

PvP Focused. Primarily Cloaky and/or small ships.

Hiring Trolls!

I’m an old EvE Vet, And Active Military. Real life comes first!

Contact 0bakee In game for more info/questions

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