Free Eve - The Corporation For Miners Alike

Lazar Us

For newbros and veterans alike. There is a new corporation in the stars of New Eden. The Name is FreeEVE Everywhere and it was created with a singular goal in mind. To unite miners from all across New Eden. The plan is basic. We do not take money. We do not tax. We simply provide an infrastructure in which miners can come and mine moon ore, belts, gas, and more. Not only do we provide the tools and the funding for these projects solely out of the consideration for our fellow oppressed miners. We also encourage miners, anti-gankers and security agents alike to join our corporation in order for this to remain a successful endeavor.

One way in which we encourage members to join is a signing bonus to each new member of our corporation. Each new member will receive 1 million upfront and then a recurring payment every week until they decide to leave. Stipulations however are in-place in order to maintain active members. For example new members must be active at least 20+ hours a week on 3 seperate days(negotiable.) Also you will need to be part of at least 2 mining operations a week. Whether you are protecting or mining doesn’t matter.

Thank you for your time and space - o7,

Lazar Us

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