Free Exploration Ships

Contact me for a free t1 exploration ship courtesy of lovely Mynxee, handsome Johnny and the rest of Signal Cartel. Since they refuse any attempt at solving this misunderstanding and refused a contract to return all the ships and since clearly Signal Cartel approves of exploration and newbros any toon less than a month old can ask for one. Also to people who watched the stream you know I tried for over an hour to transfer them back and the glitchy code couldn’t allow it CCPlease fix contracting stuff. Also the next corp to infiltrate is KarmaFleet so that will be fun Goons always make spy alt infiltration harder than most. Also Signal Cartel thank you very much for the good chats and the wormhole rescue/gank (Pris really should be stripped of recruiter right either way). Also to any alliance recruiters please don’t accept obviously bad apples I mean I flamed Pris with Mynxee over a 100% real incident, trolled about it in forums, asked for the answers to the application in their public chat and copy pasted them verbatim in the application with an api key that didn’t give access to absolutely anything other than clones (wasn’t edited afterwards; Pris “checked” it). Also maybe don’t put contracts for 0 isk if you don’t want people to grab them. If CCP considers any of this non EULA compliant please let me know I will stop infiltrating corps for giggles and stealling all the loots using throwaway Alpacas. Secret Patreon only stream best stream. Also CCPlease fix contracting large amounts of items its really upsetting.


10 ships dispensed still tons more to give out. I would also like to thank Tamayo for sponsoring this giveaway.


Hi, I have just been reading your post and I would like a free exploration ship, so what do I have to do in order to be granted a free ship?

Thank you.

Always up for free ships… do I need to invest in your pyramid scheme first? :slight_smile:

Hey Ive been playing for about a week. What do I need to do?

After doing the massive giveaway all ships have been dispensed have a good day everyone.

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