Free Price Check Service


If you need a price check on your character please link you eveboard here or mail me. I’m checking forums and mails daily.

I would also like to buy few of them.

Curious about a lower bound for an alt.

What’s the going price for a 75m SP character with 50m in subcapital generalist combat skills, 20m in production (science and industry not mining) and around 5m wasted?


Price check please Pw:159357

Price check please, thank you

Good morning, Could You take a look at my eveboard?

Thanks in advance!

Looking to check the price on this toon please.


Price check please, Thanks

Considering selling myself; too many accounts.

Let me know, thx

Thinking of getting back into eve after many years away and just trying to decide if I want to start fresh and sell this char or just use him.


I am interested in selling this toon. Would you be kind enough to give an honest price check please?
Toon Name: Phin May
Password: 1234


password: 123456789

Price check 45m SP industry

pass: 0000
Check price please


Can I have a price check plz -



I am interested in selling this pilot, can you give me a price check please?

no password

Thank you
130m subcap focus, full slave,crystal and askieplan all highgrade with omega
would want a price check to :smiley: