Free Slaves With a 'Pipe Organ'

Dawn of Liberation Event Guide


This event can be performed in almost all types of ships. Among them, the most comfortable are:

  • Stratios. Requires low skills for medio core performance. A vessel without top tank and dps.
  • Gnosis. It’s a larger Stratios version, without hacking improvements and lower drone bay, which requires low skills for good performance. Both ships are very good for Alpha clones.
  • Gila. She does this event very well, with decent tank to survive hard spawns, nice cargo and decent dps. For hacking game, I’ll offer a T2 Data Scanner. A nice tanky vessel to win the dps race (700). This event isn’t for Gila.
  • T3 Cruisers. They all are very good at multiple purposes. I’ll suggest using a Mobile Tractor Unit (previously deployed) to transport the slaves to that Transport ship, from hacked cans. Can be used effectively and more safely in Low/Null-Sec. I’ll suggest only missile and drone fits.
  • Machariel. Maybe the best ship to win the dps contest for BS in highly populated systems. A blingy Machariels possess high 1200 instant EMP dps with very high AC Alpha and rate of fire.
  • Nestor. A highly productive multipurpose ship. A good one for the event, but like Machariel, - is very expensive and requires decent skills for good performance.
  • Armageddon. Nice BS with lasers and drone weaponry.
  • Praxis.

Praxis! What an interesting kind of a ship. When it was released, he got a skeptical review overall. This event motivated me to look at him once again and I found him, maybe, the best solution to run this event easily as fast as possible. With his huge cargo bay of 1200, low price, fast warping between beacons, agile turning, universal weaponry and drones, very high dps (around 1000) and enough manageable tank you’ll earn all 800 points like a breeze and, btw, I found this ship so fun to run these event sites.

I like to call a PVE Praxis the Umbrella, while a PVP Praxis - the Pipe Organ. Because this event requires a lot of active modules to be managed, I’ll call this PVE/PVP Praxis a Pipe Organ also as the topic is marked.

Before you’ll continue…

Cheap Pipe Organ Praxis

For 180M ISK ONLY!

The fit


[Praxis, *Dawn of Liberation Praxis]
Large Armor Repairer II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Ballistic Control System II
Ballistic Control System II
Ballistic Control System II
Co-Processor II
Reactive Armor Hardener

Sensor Booster II
Missile Guidance Computer II
Large Cap Battery II
Target Painter II
Large Cap Battery II
Data Analyzer II
500MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive

Prototype ‘Arbalest’ Torpedo Launcher
Prototype ‘Arbalest’ Torpedo Launcher
Prototype ‘Arbalest’ Torpedo Launcher
Small Tractor Beam I
Prototype ‘Arbalest’ Torpedo Launcher
Prototype ‘Arbalest’ Torpedo Launcher
Prototype ‘Arbalest’ Torpedo Launcher

Large Warhead Rigor Catalyst I
Large Processor Overclocking Unit I
Large Warhead Rigor Catalyst I

Hammerhead II x5
Warrior II x5
Warrior SW-300 x5
Hobgoblin II x5
Acolyte II x5
Infiltrator II x5

Guristas Mjolnir Torpedo x4160
Scan Resolution Script x3
Caldari Navy Mjolnir Torpedo x2432
Missile Range Script x1
Missile Precision Script x1

Damage abilities

The rats spawns randomly in Ammarian Frigate, Cruiser and BS formats. Their armor tank is weak versus EM and Thermal damage. Optimal damage dealing is EM. The frigates are equipped with Webifiers, to limit our mobility significantly and they have small Signature. It can create bad scenarios when like 5 Frigates are Webbing you in place, while the BS is spawned 25km away and doing damage from there. Due to this, we need a tool to deal with small frigates and with tanky BS afterwards. Therefore, our Praxi’s Large weapons can shoot at Cruisers and BS, while our Light/Medium drones will clear the Frigates. This is the combat dps concept.

Tanking abilities

Rats doing EM/Thermal damage. For shield fits an EM and Thermal hardener is enough. For Armor fits a T2 EANM and Reactive Armor Hardener is enough. If you must to choose between tanking and dps fits – get the tanking one. Therefore, this fit hasn’t any Drone Damage Amplifiers and, moreover, because we don’t need higher drone dps to shoot frigates. BTW, Infiltrators have enough tracking to deal with rat Frigates.


Use Light and Medium T2 EM and Thermal damage dealing drones: Acolytes, Infiltrators, Hobgoblins, Hammerheads. The Infiltrators II are preferable, with balanced dps and tracking abilities to shoot at small and big targets without ‘bay-juggling’.


It’s a hard and core factor to make a good decision. From it depends how effective your ratting and competitive machine will be. I decided to chose Torpedoes. Firstly, it looks not so cool decision to shoot ‘em at small rats and especially with such a slow Praxis. Most decent none bombers Torpedoe’s fits are used on buffer tanked PVP BS like fast Typhoons, Ravens only. But, it’s Praxis, we have well buffed drones to deal with small targets. Torpedoes are good, because they can apply pure EM projected damage and Praxis have enough slots to boost their explosion radius and speed to apply 100% of that damage to BS and 80% to Cruisers. Torpedoes have both high dps and Alpha (between 6000 and 7000), while AC have falloff and distributed damage EM/Kin/Expl, Hybrid Therm/Kin, Lasers EM/Thermal with falloff and optimal diminishing returns. Therefore, Torpedoes are perfect options to win damage competition, while shooting at BS. In 20km range their damage will be applied in under 1 sec.


  • Projectiles. Distrbuted damage type, falloff. AC requires a lot of cargo for ammo and they have lower Alpha.

  • Hybrids. Thermal/EM damage type, falloff, low cap usage. Improved tracking can’t benefit enough.

  • Lasers. Theram/EM damage type, high PG usage, high cap usage, falloff, optimal. With this multipurpose MWD+AM II fit theLarge Lasers are hard to fit and use.

T2 Launchers will not grant much more dps than T1 Arbalest ones but are better option to choose for Javelins (long range) and Rage (high dps under 15km). Also, the Faction Ballistic Systems modules will increase you Praxis price mainly, not more, while C3-X will double you Praxis price and dps by 200 only.


Use Caldari Navy Mjolnir Torpedoes in competitive areas only, because they are just too expensive right now. Otherwise, I’ll suggest Guristas Mjornis Torpedoes, which will not show much lower dps performance.


  • Faction or DED modules into mids will not improve your Praxis seriously, so the T2 are the best option into this fit.
  • Target Painter isn’t so usable tool there, but I’ll keep it for some unexpected situations. In case of a big Cruiser rat spawn. It’s not a bad idea to change the TP with addition Missile Guidance Computer (MGC).
  • Into mids always should be 1 Sensor Booster and 1 or 2 MGC.
  • A scripted Sensor Boster is required to boost the Scan Resolution to 262mm. It’s near enough to Lock targets as fast as your opponents in most Cruisers.
  • For MGC use two Scripts for Missile Precision (by default) and Missile Range. Choose to Range when the BS will spawn at 25km away.

How to

  • Jump to site.
  • Drop Mobile Tractor Unit.
  • Drop available Slaves into Minmatar Transport.
  • Move between cans on MWD.
  • Hack the cans and Jettison extra cargo to MTU.
  • Shoot rats while moving between cans or hacking, with both drones and Torpedoes, the MTU will do its job. Play it like at pipe organ.
  • The fit isn’t cap stable, so repair respectively when it’s required.

Expensive Pipe Organ Praxis

Replace EANM II and AR II with Faction True Sansha or Blood Raiders EANM and Centum or Corpum C- or B-Type Large Armor Repairer.


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Try Ships & Modules or Missions. You’ll find various other guides there.

To the topic. To say the Gila has “nice cargo” is a plain lie. It’s literally the worst of all its attributes when everything else on it is a lot better. Every other ship you’ve mentioned has more cargo space than the Gila. Even a Vexor has got more cargo space than the Gila. No shame in saying it. Gila is a great ship still. You’ve also missed to mention HACs.


It’s not lie. It’s how I’m counting Gila. I don’t said like “take the Gila for courier contracts”, which is a lie, this is a lie. Gila has 440 m3, while all other Cruisers have the same or on 100-150 m3 more. I said not the best, but ‘a nice’, because we can carry 700 Light missiles and that’s all. It’s a drone boat. No need in thousands of ammo or other charges - effective cargo. HACs are strong, no doubt, but I don’t think that any HAC a good ship for this event. Same for Gila. That’s the point. This fitted Praxis costs like a half than any unfitted HAC and a Gila… and maybe everyone is just sick from HACs after Abyssals. :upside_down_face:

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You’ve said nice, because you know its cargo space is terrible and wanted to shoe-shine it. Admit it.

Players are doing it in the Ishtar. Even a Vexor Navy Issue shouldn’t have a problem with it apart from the lack of hacking bonus of other ships.

Yes, I like Gilas. I spent so many hours flying it everywhere and know any Gila’s fit potency. But I said that it’s not the best ship for the event. It’s still very good for Alpha clones.

You have to admit, that this guide isn’t about Gila - it’s about Praxis.

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Yup this thread most definitely is a conspiracy to make people believe the Gila has a superior cargo hold. :explodyparrot:



Even arty fitted Machariel has chance to lose NPC Battleship kill (who’s loot is the only reason to do the event at all) against any other ship, that will manage to make last, killing, shot. And with the high concurence you are doomed to warp a lot, so warp bonus is a need here. Warp bonus Praxis does not have…
So instead of all that talking about low SP chars using T2 analyzer (SP intense) on unbonused hull, losing DPS race aginst machariel or even rattlesnake you should tell people how to do that event effectively, using ingame mechanics.
Simple fact is - very soon after you dump 400 slaves into transport, the beacon is gone. Site is yours. NPC will keep spawning if you keep hacking. All NPC are yours, no competition, no haste…
So you just take a Stratios (here you can fit T1 analyzer and still not losing hacking of a single can), put MTU in it and 400 slaves. You wait till the new site pops up (use Dotlan map to find the empty amarian high sec, Dotlan shows NPC killed last hour), warp there immideately put all slaves into transporter, start hacking with drones orbiting you. If NPC shows up - your drones will take care, you keep hacking. To the time , when new site will popup in same system you get your next 400 slaves. Keep checking the time, when new site will be about to popup, scope you drones and MTU and get ready. Warp speed rigs are of greate help.
Simple and effective. No need for some pathetic organs, orphans or whatever slow ship you can use.

I won the competition dps from Stratios, Gila, T3 Cruisers and some T1 BS. It’s 1000dps with 6000 Alpha btw, if you didn’t noticed! I already did these sites in Gila and those kind of stuff.

Site is yours if no one in system is interested in it. If somebody will click on that beacon after it will appear, it’s not only yours, even if you’ll close the site instantly. So,

it’s not working as we wish. Competition isn’t so high far from the trade hubs. Just try it, and you’ll see by yourself the agility of this fit. That all.

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Can’t tell me it ain’t 'cause OP posted one himself!

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This event mechanic and Praxis are just designed for each others. To feel better the ‘carebear’ spirit of this event, just try to lock and Tractor Beam some stuff additionally.

BTW, this is why I posted this topic into General Discussion category.

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