From The Dust And Ashes - Highsec/Nullsec Operations

We are also Recruiting Corporations for our alliance!
Thank you for stopping in!
I represent From The Dust And Ashes, and I would like to extend an offer to you right now!
Do you want to make BILLIONS of ISK, blow up ships, and be a part of the larger EVE Online experience?
Apply to From The Dust And Ashes and get your chance at a better EVE Life!
2% Tax Rate! Access to Highsec operations, Nullsec Operations to maximize your income based on skill and experience!
Multiple Languages spoken including English, German, Russian, Romanian, and Chinese!
We also have a Wormhole operation available to those who qualify!
Send me a mail in-game or to my director Chip M !

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Still Recruiting! Check us out!

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