Full Hail T2 Ammo BPO set on Hypernet

Really excited to bring you guys this! A full set of Hail prints, now on the net. Place your bids for

<url=hyperNet:53243461-b236-413a-92f8-49789f8e090a>HyperNet offer: Hail S Blueprint

^The small, at 90M per ticket (SOLD)

<url=hyperNet:8837fa91-e3e5-49a3-83ed-acdbcb0ca0ea>HyperNet offer: Hail M Blueprint

^The medium, at 141M per ticket (187 left)

<url=hyperNet:a1a71e11-9752-49ba-a7f4-7c9d989f62c9>HyperNet offer: Hail L Blueprint

^The large, at 186M per ticket (161 left)

All hypers have about 14h left. They’re moving at a pretty good clip, so toss in a ticket early!

Bump. Hail S sold, others below 180.

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