Galactic Retribution - LowSec PVP / Industry Corp

We are a small growing Corporation, back from the ashes and onward to glory!

We currently offer a robust BPO Library at the forefront of Caldari Faction Warfare territory. We are not involved in the whims of faction warfare but we are wartime profiteers! We build the ships necessary to supply the war efforts and enjoy getting our hands a little dirty in Small Gang PvP.

Currently working on building up our numbers to have more structured playtime around Gate Camps, Roams, and other activities. We offer a large array of Ship Doctrines for new players as well as supply ships for small fleet activities.

We are seeking laid-back players who enjoy PVP and who understand that our industry is the backbone of our activities.

Current Amenities:

Low Tax Rate: 5%
BPO Library 100+ BPO’s
Monthly Corporate Profit Sharing
Ore Buyback
Free Ships for Newbros (for fleets and PVP activities)

Discord: - Microphone required.


Q: How does the Corporate Profit Sharing work

A: We pool all taxes, corp buyback profits, and other corp activities which generate revenue and take 20% off the top that 20% is then shared with all active members, the remaining 80% goes to cover SRP, Manufacturing, BPOs Structures and more!

Q: Is there any room for advancement?
A: Yes! We are constantly seeking dedicated knowledgeable players who wish to donate their time to help the rest of the corp succeed.

Q: I don’t have many skill points, can I still join?
A: Yes, We have all been there, we offer skill plans to help you catch up, proper training on frigate pvp and free ships to get your feet wet in PVP.

Q: Is there a market where you are?
A: Yes and no, we are 13 jumps from Jita and are currently building out a low sec market where we live.

Contact Kaleic Karrif In-game for more information.

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