Galloglas Recruiting - A Brave Collective Corporation

The Galloglas Corporation is a tight knit group from the Brave Collective Alliance

We have excellent space in Impass and Catch that we call home, and are looking for new players to help us grow our industry and pvp crews.

We are currently looking for the following types of players:

  • Small gang PVP players
  • Mining characters
  • PVE players
  • Exploration players

We are a growing Corp who do whatever we can to help our new members settle in and succeed!

  • Mining boosts available in home system.
  • Ore buy back Program
  • Corp jump freighter service

Please contact Lovely Pyro, Tor Manx or Red Carbone in game if you’re interested!

People can also join our public channel called Galway

Will chat to you in game - might be looking for a PVE home for a while whilst I try to work out what has changed in the 9 years since I last played (65M sp character - does a bit of everything)

Sounds good Sara!
You can also come to our Discord public channel:

Look forward to chatting with you.

Bumping. Galloglas is still recruiting new players!

Bumping as we still have a couple spots left for this week.



Bumping for the weekend!

Get involved with the war and join in on our corp operations!

Still growing and looking for new players to join our group! PVP, Mining and Industry players are welcome!!!

Possibly looking to change corps 46mil char 1 mining alt 1 friend who helps me mine

With the New Year approaching, we’re back recruiting new members for our push into Spring!

Still growing and still recruiting!

Hey there. What time zones are most members? Thanks o7

We have people in all time-zones currently, however our main time-zone is probably US/TZ. Recently however, our Euro contingent has been growing fairly quickly.

Due to the size of the alliance there are always things to do, no matter when you log in.


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Nice. UStz as well. I tried to enter the discord, but says both links are bad.

I’ve updated the Discord link and sent you a note in-game :slight_smile:

We’ve started up our recruiting again for a couple weeks!