Galloglass Inc - Recruiting for SovNull, EUTZ

Who are we.

  • Gallowglass Inc [Gaels] [COGG]
  • Our alliance [COGG] has Sov in Providence
  • We’re NRDS , this means we don’t shoot neuts
  • We [Gaels] do a bit of everything [ Mining , Exploration , Ratting , Manufacturing and some PvP ]
  • Coms [ Discord ] & [ Mumble ]

What you get

  • Low stress taste of nullsec
  • chilled out people
  • Friendly helpful corp and alliance people to talk to.

If you have any questions, you can reach me in game in Gaels.Pub , or you can reply here, as you can see from my post count I’m not here often tho so in game would be best.

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