Game crush after server shut down

I was warping when the server shuted down and now the game crashes every time I log in. Is there any solution.

Try submitting a support ticket on the support website so a GM maybe can move your character or put it in a station or whatever other solution they might provide.

I already did that but ccp never answer… It’s a shame the support they provide.

How long ago did you contact them?

For this issue only 20 min ago but I already have open other tickets for more than 1 month and is no answer, so i guess is going to happen the same,

Different types of issues are dealt with by different teams and usually stuck in game types of issues are resolved fast most cases at least in my experience and based on what I’ve read online.

I hope you are right…

Uriel is right, it really depends on the issue. Ive had tickets not answered, and ive had others read and answered within 24 hrs.

And this kinds of issues are normal? the game starts and i see my vessel but after 2 seconds it crashes.

That is not, i guess it would depend on several factors like rig set up, steam use etc

what ship and what are you next to in space

Vexxor navy.

maybe it just opens it and then ever thing else try to render in but then just crashs

I am in the middle of the warp…

I think I had an issue similar to this once or twice when my ship was trying to return from the emergency warp point but something glitched out and it didn’t leave but the interaction with the world was not possible as the ship was in a state of returning from emergency warp but I was able to fix it somehow with a couple relogs and such (don’t remember exactly) so maybe your issue is related but for some reason your client dies in the process.

Maybe you can try clearing your client cache, refresh the client and try signing in to an alt on the same account first so it loads all the stuff and only then signing off back to the character selection screen and switching to your character you have issue with and see what happens.

Beware: Be sure to back up your settings first especially if in the end you try reinstalling the client or resetting the cache entirely and in general it is best to do that anyway every now and then just in case.

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Can I erase later the new alter?

yes you can

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It works Uriel, thanks man!

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Glad it helped. :slight_smile:

Fly safe o/