Game Streaming doesn´t work at all!

Unfortunately, streaming the game does not work at all.

I couldn’t log in once all day today. I was constantly faced with disconnections and error messages.

I find this a real indictment for CCP. Especially since you pay for the game time. And not just a little, if I may say so.

So if you already collect 20 euros per month, then you should make sure that the service works well.

I’ll take a look tomorrow and the day after. If it doesn’t get better, you can forget about me as a paying user. I feel really fooled.

While CCP attempts to have the System available at most times, CCP does not guarantee that the System will always be available, or that the System will not become unavailable during Game play. The System may become unavailable for a number of reasons, including without limitation during the performance of maintenance to the System, for the implementation of new software, for emergency situations and due to equipment or telecommunications failures.

i feel like people don’t read the EULA.
Also, it may not be on CCP’s end… it may be somewhere between your router and CCP.

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