Gas Factory is recruiting (nullsec)

Hello everybody,

I’m Lacco and I’ve been playing EVE since 2006. I’ve just returned from roughly 1,5 years break, and I’m looking forward to start something completely new for a change.

In a nutshell I’ve been a mostly a small gang pvper, but in the later years I moved more towards working in corp / alliance leadership. The most notable names that I’ve been involved with are Draketrain, Confederation of xXPIZZAXx and Paisti Syndicate, in which I’ve been either a founder or leading content creator in some way or another. I’ve great deal of experience in nullsec FCing, corp management, pvp deployments and those sorts of things.

So what does my history have to do with Gas Factory? Common feature among almost all of the EVE ventures of the past has been commitment and hard work ethic. What I want to do with Gas Factory is to keep the passion to the game, but without participating aspects of the game that require constant attention, ultra lengthy sessions or alarm clocking. As a result we came up with the idea to build our content around harvesting gas.

We’ve a small group of people already working together, and we’ve seen some successes in the past 2 weeks. We’re looking for people who are interested in team effort, who are independent thinkers and are not afraid of adventure. Our content has been peaceful for the most part, but we’ll also do combat when needed. A little space hoboism is also highly valued skill to have, as our operations are based in nullsec with hostile entities every step of the way. But don’t be afraid! Even alpha accounts can participate in gas harvesting and basic combat after just few days of skill training.

I want to emphasize that our values are respect for one another, open and flat organizational culture (you can participate in everything), and enjoyable “as casual as possible” gaming experiences for those who enjoy the nullsec aspect of the game. Our main goal is to have fun as a group.

If you’re interested in something different, join our public channel “Gas Factory” or check discord link in corp details.

Best regards,


Come mine gas with us.

You have my interest. I’m at work on a phone so I can’t research much now. After you check me, if you too are interested (starting to sound weird) send a message in game. I’ll respond when able; busy time.

We are professionals .

This is relaxing !

In the begining there was a bang and then, there was gas !

We have open positions for both gas miners and pvpers.

Eve is dying, but where there’s gas, there’s hope !

We have the finest gas mixture for all of you connoisseurs out there.

Get on Discord, and tell us about your favourite chinese dish.

Gas is good for you !

New openings now for mules and drug dealers !

Looking for more US gas miners .

With so little training , we are offering a great opportunity for alpha clone players to get omega.

Come test a free sample with us.

" Pizza makes you fat, gas is better ! " - Johnny Punisher


Come feel the gas vibrating in the factory pipes.

A friend of mine has just returned to the game and is having fun with these dudes, now busy trying to poach my corp’s members to go space farting. So they must be doing something right…

Step on the gas !