Genesis Evolution is Recruiting

Genesis Evolution is looking for new members :stuck_out_tongue:

Regular skilled Orca Mining Fleets 40% boosts and hauling
Mission Running Fleets PVE L3 L4s
Exploration, Industry + PVP Roams all supported
Regular Alliance Training Fleets

come join or fast growing corporation, chill and have fun, we have plenty of experienced members that can help guide you and show you how to get involved in some big action fleets.

We have just purchased 2 new stations Gulfonodi where we are based and we have big plans for the future. Our corporation is also part of the Commonwealth Vanguard which is one of the biggest alliances in EVE.

Apply today or message us in game for more info

jerv86 stark - Recruitment
titans34 - Director

Based in Gulfonodi Minmitar Space

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