Getting away From Drone Damage

If you are trying to get away from someone trying to shoot you with turrets but you need to stay on grid, you could try to just run away. At Optimal + 3X Falloff, the chances of being hit are 1 out of 2^9, hardly anything to worry about. Missiles are simpler, their range is velocity times travel time. If you farther than this number and aren’t trying to get closer, missiles can’t hit you (you can still be hit if you’re out of the range when the missile fires but you get closer and get hit by the missile before the travel time runs out, but we’re assuming you’re trying to get away). And if you’re being attacked by drones then what? I think they stop pursuit of their target after you get away, but I don’t know how far that would be. Scanning distance doesn’t make sense since the parent ship doesn’t even need a lock once the target is engaged. I know it’s not drone control distance since I’ve attacked rats with drones, afterburned out of control distance, and then watch the rats die (sadly some types of rats attack the drones, making this only useful against certain types of rats). I imagine it isn’t when you leave grid since surely there is a range limit.

According to Drones - EVE University Wiki, drones will shut down 500km away from your ship. Until then, they can continue chasing a target they’re already attacking. So in order to escape the drones you’ll need to put 500km of distance between the controller and your ship.

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While not relevant to out ranging damage drones I felt it needs to be added that logistic drones do seem unable to travel beyond control range and will return to the host ship if this happens.

But yes hostile drones will continue to chase you well beyond control range. Though like missiles you can out run drones mitigating or completely negating their damage.

Better to just try to shoot them xD

I thought some ships, like the Deacon, are often flown without guns, meaning they have no way to deal with drones. And same can be said for tackles, but I don’t count them as part of the “need to get away from drones but stay on grid” problem since those guys need to actually be in tackle range, which means running away isn’t an option.

Well if you’re in a Deacon, you clearly have someone you want to rep, so have them shoot the drones. Smartbombs can also be effective if you have a free high slot since they deal AOE damage (good for taking out swarms of drones) regardless of sig.

Hmmm, good point.

Deacons are typically flown in groups. If I were you, I’d have the other pilots flying Deacons rep you. Or you could bring a single DPS light drone in your drone bay and try to kill the other drones (Good luck with that tho).

This is heresy, never underestimate the power of logi drones. particularly if you have several logi running them.

You win if at the end of the day the battle report doesn’t generate a single logi ship from your side.

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I thought you win when the other side is all dead or extracts?

Not if you are in the receiving end of a suicide gank.

Anyways, what are you trying to accomplish defines what are the wining conditions.

But my killboard! :frowning:

To be honest, I don’t know if unbonused T1 light rep drones are worth it. Bonused T1/T2 rep drones, sure, but unbonused? I’d rather chuck in a set of EC-300s or something (then you are filling your support role and getting on kills).

You would be surprised particularly when you have several logi.

If you only have a small number you will get more use out of a hull drone in armor fleets or an armor drone in shield to help with bleed damage.

But they are more useful than 1 unbonused scout drone. Shield frig logi drones have actually turned the fight do to how low the optimal is on the shield rr

I just wish they worked like combat drones and would stay on targets that left your control range.

Eh, as long as no one’s hull drops below 30%, topping off the armor is enough isn’t it? How many ships even have significant hull relative to their HP? A lot of ORE ships, the Ishkur, Malus and its navy issue, the Taranis, the Hectre, the Brutix, the Megathon, and some pirate ships right?

You are probably right with frigates, BUT, I still want to get on the kills. To me, it’s a win if I can keep my fleet in mostly one piece AND I get on kills. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not about the relative ehp. But rather sustain. Your job as logi is to ensure your ships stay on grid. Close calls are an inevitability. Bleeding past a ships tank both lowers the likely hood of surviving a second one and has a negative psychological effect. That can lead to them over broadcasting or worse deciding to dock up and repair or warping off the next time they are called primary.

Being able to patch up ships between fights or in some cases mid fights can go a long way. That said I still generally opt to use drones that match the tank. I wish logi had a bit larger of a done bay at least at the cruisers level. But I understand the limitation. Again in large clouds these things are no joke

Then you will get more out of EC-300s than light scouts.

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You can simply outrun the drones.

Once they get in orbiting distance they will lower the velocity, maybe then they will hit you once, but you will outrun them again because your velocity is greater than their orbit velocity.

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