Gift notification gone?

(u3pog) #1

Hey all,

First post on the new forums for me. Somethings has been bothering me since the introduction of PLEX Vault. Before, when I donated PLEX to one of my characters I could see it in the notification feed - now it is gone.

Am I missing something or you can no longer see what you’ve donated?

(Scipio Artelius) #2

You mean gift additional time?

If so, it still shows a notification when I do it for my alts.

Have you checked your notification settings to see if something is turned off?

(u3pog) #3

All options are turned on. Maybe the history is too large? I could clear it and see it this helps.

I see notification on the alts that they have received it, but not on my main that I’ve sent it. I used to get notification of a sort “PLEX Donation: You have donated 30 days of clone state Omega time to xxx”.

Just found out this notification was also found in the mailbox under Communications tab -> Miscellaneous. Was.