•✩• GLADIATORS OF RAGE - Nullsec PvP, PvE, Industry


(Ruub Kers) #1


Gladiators of Rage is a well-established corporation based in nullsec and part of the Fidelas Constans sov holding alliance. In the past we have been part of RAZOR alliance and Chaos Theory, and we have therefore experience in all areas of the game. Our corporation consists of a social, helpful and highly experienced group of people and we are willing to take you in with open arms!

What we offer:

  • Nullsec PvP
  • Large scale fleets
  • Small gang fleets
  • Nullsec PvE
  • Rich industry and citadel possibilities
  • Guidance from fellow corp and alliance members.

We are active within both US and EU timezones.

So if you are looking for a stable corporation with bountiful possibilities and action, look no further and join the GLD PUB chat channel to talk to one of us!

Join GLD PUB today!

(Falken Falcon) #2

I’m Falken Falcon, and this is my favorite store on the Citadel!

(Rayford Carpathia) #3

My name is Rayford Carpathia and I approve this message.

(CaptCC Seneca) #4

Well What can we say … Other than ,

If Your Looking For Fun Fleets…With Fights… Come join GLD,

If you enjoy Mining, slamming the Rock…or ICE… Come Join GLD,

Do You Rat Your heart Out?? … Again Come Join GLD…

Its The Place To Be… :vulcan_salute:

We Like Having Fun In Space…

(Ruub Kers) #5

Lots of activity going on at the moment on the PvP side, including lots of capital and supercapital opportunities! :crossed_swords:

Join GLD PUB today!!