Goal-oriented, PvE-focused pilot, seeking NRDS corp with similar attitude

Hi there! I am seeking a corporation to join after spending a month or so getting back into the game after an 8-year hiatus. As it says in the title, I am first and foremost a PvE pilot. I love running Incursions, although so far I have only had the opportunity to run Vanguard sites, and would welcome the opportunity to do Assault and Headquarters sites. I also would like to run C3+ wormhole sites with fleetmates, as well as mining ops, L4/5 mission running, and other PvE activities.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not exactly a ‘carebear’, but I am decidedly anti-pirate. I will gladly mix it up in PvP, but I need a specific goal in mind, not just going and having “pew pew,” as they say. POS siege against a corp you’re at war with? I’m in. Escort fleet for assets being moved through low/null? Count me in. Guardian fleet to protect our mining operations? I’ll be there. Wandering null, shooting at random strangers? No thanks. Gate camping in lowsec, shooting people and taking their stuff? Not just no but HELL NO, and I will actively oppose a corp/alliance that chooses to do so.

What do I bring to the table? Close to 30 million skillpoints, primarily Gallente (can fly all t1 subcapital ships, along with t2 frigates and some cruisers), but can fly some t1 Minmatar as well. I’m trying to get my Amarr skills up to fly Sisters ships while I’m at it. I’m about 2 weeks from Logistics and Recon cruisers.

One other thing: your corporation or alliance must be at least on Neutral standings with Ivy League and Electus Matari alliances (don’t want to end up shooting at my old alliance-mates). If this is a problem, please have a good reason for it before talking to me.

Also, I am a US-timezone player.

If all of that sounds like a person you’d like in your corp/alliance, please feel free to reach out to me, either in game or here on the forums! I can also be reached through Ivy League/Eve University forums.

PS: I am also very RP-friendly, and have a lot of in-game fictional backstory built up for this character, but it seems like RP is nearly non-existent in Eve Online anymore…

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