Griefing? still possible these days in Hi sec?

Back in 2009, there were some pvp tactics that look so funny that I want to try them out myself.

These are the following:

  1. Ganking FW targets in Hi Sec doing missions. This is when using a neutral alt in the opposite millita to scout for juicy targets and then bring your main in the enemy FW corp to kill them in Hi sec. There was that dude who put this video up showing what I mean:
    Still viable and doable these days?

  2. Safari: This is joining a corp with friendly fire legal and then kill them in their blingy ships to get some nice loot. Appearently, most corps have set friendly fire to legal, so finding a good corp that does missions or incursions in bling ships has nearly become impossible(except maybe Eve-University, there are a few guys of them running missions in Lanngisi). Is Safariing or awoxing still viable these days in Hi sec?
    Alternate I could just create a corp and send everyone I come across an invitation to join my corp. Has someone tried that out and does it work?

  3. Solo Wardeccing: Simple, just create a corp and wardec whatever flys juicy ships and gank them. Does that work or will they just lapse into NPC corps or create new corps as soon as the war starts?

When griefing other people, which of the above tactic is the most viable these days, what is your opinion?

Not really sure I’d call any of those griefing. Number 3 is the most questionable, but I’m pretty certain all three of these are still viable. At least, I don’t know of any big changes to the game that keep you from doing any of them.

Griefing is now, and has always been against the TOS.


Yes but what would be considered griefing in another game is perfectly fine and even endorsed by CPP and mechanics in eve.

None of above is griefing.

The only thing considered griefing is killing (in any way) new player (less than 1 month old) in starting or career or epic-arc sectors. Killing the same players outside these sectors (in any way including sucide-gank) is legit.

1)Probably, edjits are a staple of eve so I’m sure you wouldn’t have much issue with it.

2)Safaris are only if they’ve left friendly fire on or you could be arsed getting role’s and for up to 23h now as we got a “boot player at downtime” function now.

3)Wardecs haven’t changed at all though the tools of the trade gotfucked hard so be prepared to waste a lot of either time and effort actually finding online targets or lots and lots of isk spamming wars and camping a hub like a degenerate.
Can still be done and done well but its more labour intensive now.


Of course but CCP doesn’t call it griefing. The only day I made a new character and put him on autopilot in a shuttle. 5 minutes later a suicide ganker blows him up.

It is obviously griefing but in this game everyone seems to have their own dumb personal definitions for everything.

“everyone” includes you right?


You are replying to the epitome of that statement…

  1. Still viable; CCP hasn’t done changes to FW that would prevent that. FW is in low-sec, though, not sure how many FW’ers join the militias then completely ignore them to do high-sec agent missions.

  2. I think most corps have friendly fire set to illegal. There’s no point in joining a corp to do missions; a corp can offer lower taxes on the NPC bounties, but pays for it with being vulnerable to war declarations. So most mission runners will run solo. Incursions, that’s another matter, I’m not sure. But, again, other than the option to switch friendly-fire to legal (it takes a CEO-and-directors vote, like a war declaration), CCP hasn’t made changes that would make awoxing or safaris impossible.

  3. Wardec mechanics haven’t changed, but CCP has removed the “this person has logged in” pop-ups from People and Places, so it is, unfortunately, more difficult to actually find/hunt targets (that are online). Placing a spy in the target corp works, but requires some effort, so most of the wardec mercs have switched to wardeccing everyone and just camping the trade hubs and trade routes for targets to pass through. The prey can still lapse into NPC corps or create new corps, and they can also hire mercs to defend them from you (the merc corp will be added to the war).

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Is there a single person who takes Tekos Pech seriously? You just gotta feel bad for people who are that dunning kruger dumb.

It’s a game of alts, so you very well could, but i don’t really see why that is relevant at all.

It’s funny how generalisations always tend to be generalisations about everyone else, but somehow the person making the claim is better than everyone else, yet demonstrating exactly the behaviour they believe about others.


Ohhhh! I know who you are, you’re that one profusely butthurt poster! The dunning kruger guy… Oh, okay, I get it.

Do you just get yourself banned and then make a new alt and rinse/repeat? How bad did this game hurt you that you feel compelled to do that? What did you lose?


Considering your completely misanthropic behavior on these forums I find this statement laughable.

I notice that instead of replying to people pointing out their errors or mistakes you just simply insult them.

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Is that you, Galaxy Pig?


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I disagree, Teckos is a good forum participant, with whom you can have a reasoned debate, and who will bother to do basic research to back up his opinions. I may not always agree with them.

So what you want to do is make an forum argument out of a definition that is inherently personal, and then follow that up with insults for people that disagree with you.


Just why is that your mindset, maybe I’m interpreting this wrong because maybe you mean it in a different way but true griefing is a sad way to go about a game, to take pleasure in such a thing, guess I just don’t see the thrill slinging monkey poo.

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Hey FabRod, how many new chars of yours did you get forum banned so far? I seriously lost count.


It also counts as a kill. Some people want more kills to pad their score and see nothing wrong with an easy one.

Besides, when reading corp decriptions (something to do when doing a long route) I spied one PvP group that demanded a certain amount of kills to let you join and get above trial status. There was nothing about “fair fight” or such, so podkills (after killing a ship or finding your alt) make it faster to reach that number.