Guardian of the Weak recruting

Guardians of the Weak is a corporation looking for willing members to help build this corp. into an empire. We primarily mine and build ships/weapons/ammo.

Playing on your own is very boring. This game is thought around the idea of ​​interaction between players. Thus, every attempt to keep you away from these interactions will turn the game into a boring and meaningless experience. Most PVE-type activities will disappoint you, unfortunately. Finally, if you do it by yourself, it will be much harder to get real experience (not skill-points). The most important thing is to find a good corporation, led by experienced players who specialize in your style of play to join them.
We Need.

  1. Miners
  2. PvE
  3. PvP
  4. PI
    Join GUARD WEAK for info


  1. API Key with full access to your account / account level
  2. Minimum 5,000,000 skill-points;
  3. Be Active - Accounts with more than one calendar month of unannounced inactivity will be excluded from the corporation;

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