Guideline for new DCMI pod pilots

First rule when you voluntary or not is joining DCMI is a mantra.

  1. Trust no one.
  2. Type as little as possible in corporation chat.
  3. Be helpful to other pod pilots, or not.
  4. Do not type in caps.
  5. Do not spam.
  6. Do not curse in your native tongue, or pod pilots will look it up on the Galnet translate channel.
  7. You want to be social, well one thing l have to say regarding that is that it can be a very funny channel sometimes. And then suddenly a lot of pod pilots pitch in.

Now 3-7 violates rule 2.

This is just a general guideline if you should be so lucky to be a part of DCMI.
Other DCMI pilots that can complete the corporations rule list are most welcome.

Cheers and fly safe.

With best regards from
Plan Neun

“where is my medal” - just saying

Please escuse my ignorance, but what is a DCMI pilot?

edit: someone liked my post, probably because he thinks I’m being humorous here … and then it hit me. I’m not seeing corporations on this forum and didn’t make the connection. Deep Core Mining Inc.

I’m feel dumb now.