Half Noob with 8m skill points looking for a place to stay [Miner/industry/exploring]

Hello, im a half noob to eve with 8m skill points, the reason for half noob, is i firstly started to understand some of the aspects eve has to offer, the more i learn, even tho my account is old, it took me alot of time and breaks from the game to understand just a small amount of eve. the more interested and invested i become in the game, since i find it so awesome and fun, i have been struggling alot to find people who are active in this game, both on discord and ingame, prefer playing with people with EU timezone, since on danish. if u think your corp is for me, your more then welcome to message me here or ingame.

Naxor Nardieu.

Hey Naxor Nardieu,

Come give us a try:
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hello chap we are a small EU corp based in null, part of the Blackrose alliance ( sov holders ) hit me up in game Edrik Prime, looking for EU players doing all sorts… good space to rat, mine or explore, we have a training corp if yr unsure or straight to Primal Urges if ok with null… cheers Ed.

Hi Naxor,

We have a pretty strong EUTZ and have a great community to hang out with and fly space ships together. Feel free to check out our ad and hopefully we can chat soon!

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