Happy Cartel - Stain NPC - EU/US Timezone

Established in 2012, we have been Stain residence for many years.

We are chill, your general eve day is doing anything you want to do.
The Alliance/Coalition supports those various activities with FC’s and Structures/Services.

We are all mostly older, late 30’s to 40’s. Mostly EU and East Coast US.

We have been here since 2010, formed Happy in 2012, we have friends in the area and much content to be had.

Everything from solo/small gang/large gang and bigger battles including capital ship class.

There is a lot of opportunity and freedom, the only ask from Alliance is that corps bring members to Alliance fleets when needed. These campaign related fleets would be every few weeks on average.

We are looking for Corps and Members that would like to try life in Stain with Happy Cartel. All background considered but with preference to combat experience.

You can contact me in Happy Public for a further chat or reach me directly in game.
You can also find us at our Discord: Happy Cartel

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Recruitment Open, also looking to bulk our AU time zone.
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Bumping, Recruitment open, All time zones now. Many Thanks.

Monday bump, still recruiting for the Happiness Alliance in Eve. Looking for Corps of all types and individual members. Check up for contact methods.

Tuesday bump, we have cake, come say hi.

Are you miners with teeth looking to experience nullsec for the first time?
Are you tired of endless CTA’s and moves around the map?
Are you looking for a friendly team of people that actually help each other?
Are you looking for a long term settled society with history, campaigns and content?

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Bump, recruiting open, we have space for 3-4 more corps. Come join the Happiness.

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Bumping, Recruitment open again, We are looking for Corps and players interested in life in Stain.

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