Looking for Exploration Corp

Hi guys,

Still a relatively new player looking for an exploration corp. I have experience with a wormhole corp and I have learned its not really for me. Instead I am looking for a null sec corp that mainly focuses on exploration but also some pvp as well.

Thanks so much!

Hi I’m the CEO of social infrastructure, a corporation in the Stay feral alliance. I would not call us an expiration corporate exactly. But a lot of our members run data and relic sites and as a group we scanned down gas sites in wormholes and low sec. Then quite often we will go out in small groups and Pvp with cheap fun ships. We also have a free ship hanger available to all corporation members with pvp, pve, and mining ship.

If this is something that interests you stop on by our discord and say Hi or contact Tytus Kyle in game. Stay Feral <discord link

It’s going to be hard to find a null, exploration, AND pvp combination corp. Null and pvp are easy enough - there are thousands of corps there. But the only explo-focused corp I’ve ever heard of is Signal Cartel, who by all accounts is first-rate, but they do not allow any pvp (other than self-protection).

You might think about having alts, one for explo, one for pvp. For example, I believe you could have an explo alt in Signal Cartel and a pvp alt in Pandemic Horde. The former corp is okay with it as long as there is no collusion between alts and the latter is an open, no-checks Corp anyway (though I doubt they’d care if you had an SC alt).

Good luck.

Exploration (as in hacking) isn’t the kind of thing you do as a group typically. Much more a solo activity.

Hey Ghesis, Stop by us and lets have a chat:
Happy Cartel - Stain NPC - EU/US Timezone - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

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Ill take a look, thank you!

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