1.9mil SP, Looking for a PVE/Exploration Dedicated Corp

My old corporation was disbanded now I am looking for a new home.

Want an:

Active corp with at least 10+ players

Dedicated to PVE Missions, Incursions, and Low/Null/WH Explorations

No interest in PVP unless needed

Non-toxic community (and possibly VC)

I am all ears for recruitment offers, and am looking forward to a new home.

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Hi there. We here at Unified Variations should be just up your alley. WE are in Null Sec. We are very low key and no drama in this corp. So please contact me when I’m in game and we can talk things over.

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I would like to talk to you but you want 10 active players and PVE.

I can’t offer you 10 players but I can definitly offer you some teaching and some training to become a good hunter in wormhole. I don’t know if it’s because you’re new and you don’t understand how it works that you don’t wanna do it or because you don’t like it.

If you could be interested in PVP, contact me and we’ll definitly talk to figure things out.

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bumping (looking for more replies)

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Should probably check out Signal Cartel, they sound like what you’re looking for.

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