Stain NPC - Happy Cartel - Recruiting PVP'ers and Miners with Teeth! - EU/US Timezone

Hello Capsuleers,

Happy Cartel is once again recruiting. We are looking for corps and players that would like to try out Stain NPC space.

We will take New bro’s for PVP training, experienced PVP’ers and any Indy guys that are looking to learn PVP.
We have a lot to offer in the space where we live. For any questions you can reach me in game via evemail, direct message or ‘Happy Public’.

Many Thanks,

Officer loot, solo to large gang PVP, Ice, ABC Ore, Moon Goo. Just some of the things you will find here.
Happy to help you settle. Reach out if interested in Stain!

Bump, - Recruitment very much open. Come say Hi in Happy Public or via our Discord: Happy Cartel

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