Stain NPC Space - EU Timezone - We are Happy Cartel - Looking for PVPers and Industry Specialists

First, this is an alt.

I am the Diplo lead for Happy Cartel. We are based in Stain NPC. We have been based here for many years. We have formed a strong coalition in the area. I am looking for EU time zone characters that would like to try life living in Stain.

-Must be self sufficient
-Must have some Nulsec and PVP experience.

We Offer:
Places to Rat/PVE/Mine/Ice/Reactions/Industrial rigged Structures.
Small to Medium Gang PVP, Some Caps, Some Blops.
And rarely something bigger.

We are very chilled, you can play the game the way you wish.
We only ask to support the Alliance in time of need.

You can reply below or contact L0rdF1end or I in game.

Many Thanks.

Thank you for the contact so far, nice to see good people still playing.

Bumping thread, we are looking for you, please reach out if interested.

Stay Happy!

Good morning everyone, happy Monday. We are continuing to look for corps and members interested in living in Stain NPC. Please reply or contact L0rdF1end in game.

Stay Happy!

Thank you for all the interest! Met a lot of very nice people.
Recruitment is on hold now while we wait to onboard current Corps and members.

We are lastly looking for a Titan pilot to join Happy Cartel in our current campaign. Ideally titan pilot comes with a Titan :slight_smile:

Feel free to contact me here or in game.

Stay Happy,