Looking for Miner Corps with Teeth

We are Happy Cartel.

Living in Stain for 10+ years. Strong coalition and content.

I am looking for:
Mining/Industrial Corps that are PVP able or wish to learn how to defend themselves.
Perhaps you live in highsec and would like to experience Null life for the first time.
We are well setup to cater for your first experiences.
The successful candidates will be offered a system of their own with their own structure.
Our only ask from Alliance is to help in Alliance fleets which are not frequent like Sov nullsec.

I look forward to your replies. You can also contact me directly in game or via in game channel: Happy Public

Happy Leadership.

Bumping, we are looking for you!

We have space for 1-2 more mining based corps. We’d prefer those corps to be on the smaller side.
This is a great opportunity for a smaller mining corp to establish itself and grow.

We are looking for you. Great opportunities for those willing to take the next step.

Tech 2 bump

Bumping, Recruitment open again, We are looking for Corps and players interested in PVP/PVE in Stain/Eso.


Looking for Miners who want to learn how to defend themselves. Recruitment Open.

Mining patch bump! Offering miners riches and PVP training.

Post patch day extended downtime bump.

Where did I put My Hulk Bump.

Looking for miners and Indy dudes, would like 1-2 more corps, ideally someone that would like to manage an athanor. Contact via Discord: Happy Cartel or in game via ‘Happy Public’.

Festive seasonal bump. We are looking for corporations and members for content and riches in Stain. Contact in game for best results via ‘Happy Public’ or come say hi on our Discord: Happy Cartel

HAPPY new year! - Recruitment is open!

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