Happy Cartel - Stain NPC - EU/US Timezone

Are you miners with teeth looking to experience nullsec for the first time?
Are you tired of endless CTA’s and moves around the map?
Are you looking for a friendly team of people that actually help each other?
Are you looking for a long term settled society with history, campaigns and content?

Extended Downtime Bump.

Pre downtime bump

Bump, recruiting open, we have space for 3-4 more corps. Come join the Happiness.

Bump O’clock, come say hi.

Daily bump.

Bumping, Recruitment open again, We are looking for Corps and players interested in life in Stain.

Bumping, come say hi!

Bump Time

Bump O’clock. Come join the fun.

Extended downtime bump.

Mining Update bump!

Extended downtime bump!

Regular weekend downtime bump.

Hey is the discord not working ? How can I get ahold of you all from happy cartel thx

Hey, try this one: Happy Cartel

Or swing by ‘Happy Public’ in game.

Festive seasonal bump. We are looking for corporations and members for content and riches in Stain. Contact in game for best results via ‘Happy Public’ or come say hi on our Discord: Happy Cartel

Happy New year Bump

I hear they are good peeps :slight_smile: +1 from the yikes crew.

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