Hard Mode - Streaming - PVP - Wormhole

Hi, my name is Anton, CEO of Active Incorporated. We’re a streaming/video publishing friendly corp. I’m looking for new pilots to join Active Inc in wormhole adventures. You can see what I’ve been up to at https://www.youtube.com/user/ActiveAnton

About you:

Can join a Team Speak server for coms, mic/headset required
Open to learning and teaching
Long term growth oriented

The goal:

  1. Create a small, tight knit tactical team.
  2. Get a ton of PVP and PVE fleet experience
  3. Become fleet PVP experts
  4. Continue recruiting, grow
  5. Do something totally badass like take over a region of the game

Growing slowly with some small gang stream fleets forming.

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Still recruiting.

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This forum system blows goats, seriously.

“Go ask on the forums” and I can’t create a topic.

What use could it possibly be to direct players to the forums if all they can do for a while is just play fanboy to everyone else?

Idiotic beyond belief.

I figure if I keep posting, eventually I’ll get to start a topic so forgive me for polluting this post.

Don’t know what the undocumented threshold is for “Yup, we can let this one start a thread” is, but I’ll keep at this.

What’s the question you have that’s prompting you to try to start a topic?

Actively Recruiting

Looking for more dudes

And growing

Bringing on more dudes.

We’re growing

We’re now part of a class 5 wormhole alliance.

Forming Fleets. Need more pilots.

PVP Fleets let’s go!

Need more dudes to conquer the universe. Let’s go!

Still recruiting

We are now staging out of a Class 2 Wormhole for PVP
How We Took the Class 2 Wormhole

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