12bil BO for Coat
18bil BO for Skin

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8b for coat
12.5b for skin

FYI I am looking at sales history, not orders

I bought the Sansha Skin during Ukraine’s Plex for Good for 13Bn, and it was already at fire sale price.

If you consider that there remain a very limited amount of these out there that have not been activated, and that these skins are never going to be re-released, as they were for a specific event during a specific year, I think it warrants the price.

Well, there is potential if AT reruns keep going that we will eventually come back to sansha, whether that is going to include the skin rerun, it’s possible but not certain. But to mention that is MANY years away. (Did quick math, it would be in 6 years)

It’s understandable to want that price but at the same time it is understandable that I do not want to pay 2 times recent market rate for these (the last ones sold at 5 and 5.5b). 13b is definitely not ‘firesale’. It’s the same with all items like this that have limited supply but also limited demand. People game them all the time.

If someone wants sell order price for them they can put them on sell order, I will keep my buy orders up :slight_smile:

Edit: Okay I misread and thought you were talking about the coat… 13b sounds like a fair price for the skin, it’s close to what it has been offered for recently as well. The point about low volume items and sell orders stands - just because someone has been trying to sell a vizans mega pulse at 120b for a year, does not make it worth that much.

Your buyorders don’t seem very effective since both of the recent 5b and 5.5b went to mine huh

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Considering I didn’t have buy orders at the time, I am not surprised that happened - what was the point in posting that lol

bumbing…i edited the prices

take 10B for the coat?

Sent you a mail in game.


responded ingame

responded ingame with an email

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