Hawk fits for FW/general lowsec PVP


so I had this encounter today… he did indeed buy a node but he lost and I feel bad.

I’ve never flown a Hawk in my life, so how would you fit one for FW or lowsec PVP in general? I’m going to get one fit and contract it to him for being a good sport.

Reading the “traits” tab of a ship’s description can be your first inspiration on how to fit one. Or, if you will, if you go on and fit according to the “traits”, you can hardly do wrong.

I don’t know what the current meta likes to do in lowsec or any sec for that matter, but if you go for standard fits, there are two ways (if not more), to fit one.

The long range with light or no tackle, because range, and the short range, “I’m in your face”, short range setup, using rockets.
The other would fit light missile launchers, and both would want an assault damage control, whichever fits after the other slots are filled.
I think, I have four different fits, but I cannot access them at the moment, but I hope it helps regardless.

it will restrict which plexes you can take gate if that’s a not a problem for you…

Dual masb rocket hawk seems popular.
Pretty beastly tank on it.

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