Hello! I want to sell 3 character


This character can fly on:
M+C carrier + supercarrier
Start bid 40b

My main
This character can fly on:
all BO and marauders
all HAC
all logi
all carriers
A+C t3

Start bid 90b

I can’t add 3rd link :frowning:


my support character
carrier + recon + logi + hac

start bid 20b

I will accept the best offer in 3 day

For sale

For sale

If you wanted to take care of Rogue Alt1 now I can give you 20B now

50b for Fairy Iwaira

20.5 bill offer for rogue alt1


@Fairy_Iwaira are you around, and interested in a sale for Rogue ALT1 today?

Rogue ALT1 23B
RogueNight 88B

Please see eve-mail sent to Fairy.


23.5 bill for rogue alt1


RogueNight accepted

Offer Accepted

ISK transfered and mail with account name sended to Fairy Iwaira

Rogue ALT1 ISK and account information sent to RogueNight.

isk and account info sent to rogue alt1

it’s probably a scam guys :slight_smile:

Rogue ALT1 you need to send the characters!