Help a Needy corp by retiring in Stealth Solutions today

Stealth Solutions [N-SFE] under the command Cassidy Delta is looking to be a retirement corp for players who are interested in leaving/Quitting EVE Online! Just submit a join corp request and when you are in you can quit EVE with the knowledge that all your assets and other stuff will be given to help build up Needy corps! For instance mining ships will be given to new corps who focus on mining and so forth! Plus your ISK will be given to poor corps who need it to build up!
Please consider retirement in Stealth Solutions [N-SFE] and help a Needy corp today! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I will remember this if I ever leave EVE hope you succeed! :grin:
Looks like a good idea to me!

Finally, a corporation for me :hugs:

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So are you thinking of retiring from EVE? Or could you use help from Stealth Solutions?
I have asked for their help and they have agreed to provide me some assistance in the form of a few ships and a bit of ISK when they get some Retirement assets!

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